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  • Customize aggregation in reports: average Time Spent

    Hi,  It would be really helpful if you could customize aggregation in reports. It looks to default the to sum for all columns.  Where it would be ideal for example to see an average for "Time spent...

  • Spaces on Mobile apps

    Spaces is an amazing feature and has really helped us with getting out teams to use Wrike more actively. We have a few users that use the mobile app almost exclusively, it would be great if they co...

  • Shortcut to Minimize a Folder or all Folders


    Hi,   Does anyone know of a way to minimize a folder when you can not see the top level folder?  Some of our folders have a lot (Few thousand) projects in them and when we go to navigate to a diffe...

  • Administrator best practices

    HI, Just wondering if there is any information out there for best practices on how to be an administrator for Wrike.  We have been using Wrike for a couple years now and I just started to take a mo...

  • [Status: Launched! 🚀] Folders for reports

    Where the Reports are listed add the ability to create folders to better organize long list of reports.