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[Duplicate] Suggestion: Custom Field inherit to task

Note from Wrike Team: Check out Tim's post to vote for the original request. Hi, What I would like is to be able to set a Custom Field value to the project, and then the tasks automatically get ass...

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[Suggestion] Filter tasks and view based on project owner

 Hi, It would be great if you could use the field "Owners" in a project for filtering tasks and views in Wrike.  As I now have set myself as "Owner" of this project, it would be great to have this...

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[Suggestion] Custom field type: User - filter

Hi, It would be great if you could limit the lists of users to specified user groups, and not just static users. For example I would like to create a user group called "customers" and then be able ...

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Project overview i Gantt Chart

Hi, I am looking for best practices or tips on how to setup Wrike to accomodate for the following case: Different project owners Different customers Different project teams with their own team lea...


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