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I lead operations for an in-house marketing team at a national non-profit. I'm always looking for ways we can use Wrike to work smarter and better.


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Notification Setting Option to Choose Email Or Wrike Inbox

We're encouraging our team to keep all their project communications inside of Wrike. The fact that some of the notifications can only be received in email is causing confusion and causing people to...

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Navigating Gantt Chart View

Is there an easy way to jump to view the dates where there are actual tasks in the gantt chart view? I find myself spending time scrolling through empty months and weeks to view my timelines. ⏱👎🤞  

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How do you see a subtask's project name when adding dependencies?

If you're adding dependencies from a task window, you can search the task name you want to add and easily choose the right one by checking the project name. Subtasks don't show their project name i...