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Company news

We have a section in our Wrike where we post company news tasks. We did experiment with putting everyone on as an assignee - the idea being once you read the memo you took yourself off - not terrib...

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Leave requests

I haven't seen anything on this forum regarding maybe a different way to use Wrike. We use Wrike request to keep track of staff leave requests. Staff requiring any sort of leave - annual - personal...

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Error when adding a collaborator

What does the message ""Users with pending invitations to accounts on other Wrike Data Centre can't be invited." mean? I have invited a customer to be a collaborator and I cannot get further than t...

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Ovedue Subtasks

Overdue subtasks should be shown independently of overdue tasks.    If a task is over due 1/3  and a sub task is overdue 1/2 - I want no NEED to see the task broken out from each other in order of ...


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