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Attachment and Text in Request Forms

When configuring request forms, it would be nice if we could have text AND attachments on a single field. Often, attachments need additional explanation, or we'd like to give the user the option to...

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Workload View: Keep Percentage instead of Hour Allocation

We are entering allocation percentage, and would like to keep it as a percentage, not have it convert to hours in the Workload view.  Is that possible?

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Request Forms: Allow Project or Task Creation based on workflow

Is it possible to have a request form that creates a project or a task based on workflow options?  Right now my team has a single request form with different pages/workflows depending on what type ...

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Custom Workflow in 'My Work'

It would be nice to be able to set a Custom Workflow to be applied to tasks created via 'My Work'.  Right now it seems as if those tasks are automatically given the 'Default Workflow', which isn't ...


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