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[Status: Launched! 🚀] Project workflows shouldn't be mixed with Task workflows

Please separate Project workflows from Task workflows. To have possibility to select Task oriented workflows only in Tasks and Project oriented workflows only in Projects Current approach creates q...

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Custom comment templates

It would be great to have possibility to choose predefined responses in add comment section.   My division provides inner services for our company. And we have some inner standards for communicatio...

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Possibility to choose Default Workflow as predefined

If any custom workflow was chosen for higher hierarchical level it is impossible to chose the Default workflow as predefined in sub-folders/projects in the hierarchy above. Please make Default Wor...

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Google calendar integration. Connecting task with existing google calendar event

It would be nice to have an opportunity to interconnect previously created events with existing Wrike tasks.

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Custom fields. Report. Filter "is blank" considers 0 (Zero) as blank

When I use custom field filter in task report with "is blank" selected (see the picture #1 below) I receive results which I consider as logical error (see picture #2 below). I believe that "0" (Ze...

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New direct comments search and view

New direct comment search view deforms photos and labels making people non-recognizable. P.S.: Please consider some additional group-search option. Our group named "A" isn't reachable on the screen.


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