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How do Project Managers track their Time in Wrike?

Our company is trying to figure it how many hours each project actually takes. Since Wrike doesn't offer a tracker at the Project level only task level. How are PMs tracking? Are you all creating P...

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How to document Lessons Learned Effectively?

I am working on developing my company's knowledge base. I am currently working on Lessons Learned for each project.  I am curious to learn how the community has used Wrike to document lessons learn...

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How to Set Up a PMO

Community,  I am a wrike newbie and certified PMP. Looking to get some advice on how you or your team has set up PMOs in the past. At my current job, there is no PMO and I've been tasked with setti...

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How to create a Stakeholder Registry in Wrike?

I'm interested in knowing if anyone has used Wrike to develop a stakeholder registry or analysis instead of simply creating a Word or Excel document and attaching it to Wrike.


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