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Preserve Tagging After Project/Task Duplication

Hello -- I would like to request a feature -- During our implementation, our consultant was initially under the impression that this was either a current feature or an old feature, but we tested it...

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Truncated Tags in Dashboards

I had submitted this as a ticket and was asked to create a post here instead. Some background on our organization -- we use templated projects that have identical task names (01. Write, 02. Revise,...

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Archiving Files Annotated in Wrike

Hello -- Our organization would like to use Wrike to handle our reviews. In short, our team reviews PDFs, and those PDFs (with reviewer comments) need to be archived after our work is finished in o...

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TaskStatusChanged Webhook Question

Hello -- Using Wrike's webhooks, I can subscribe to notifications when a task status changes. However, I'm finding that "status" in this case only applies to the broad status categories - Active, C...


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