Automation for New Projects - not using a "request"

Hello Fellow Community Members!

I do enjoy the automation features with Wrike and look forward to how they continue to progress, as their are still quite a few I'd love to have. I'm reaching out because I haven't been able to create a specific automation I'm looking to try to create and want to see if anyone else has figured this out. 

1) Create a Project by clicking the "Green" plus symbol (instead of putting in a request)

2) I want to have that new project be auto allocated to a specific folder based on a custom field. Example: I have a "departments" custom field, and I have a mothership space that has a folder for each department. So when a new project is created WITHOUT using the creative request but by a plus symbol or another method, once the department is chosen I'd like it to auto add it (link it) to that mothership department folder.


I've solved this easily enough for any requests that come in through the request form area, but now I need to figure it out for any requests that get put in manually without using the request form. As I myself, my boss, and a few others do this - and to ensure my reporting and data is accurate I want to confirm these are allocated the same way so nothing is missed.


Any suggestions or recommendations I'm all ears. Thank you very much!

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Hi Amiee,

I've set up the following to avoid the manual creation of tasks in a specific folder or space. I think you can adapt this also for projects.

1a) Set up a custom workflow and check the box "Lock transitions".

1b) Create an additional Cancelled-status named something like "invalid Item".

1c) Name the first status of this workflow something like "Created manually", and allow the manual transition only to the Cancelled-status "invalid item".

1d) Create another Active-status named something like "New" and define allowed transitions to the other statuses that should be used.

2. Set this workflow as default in the specific space or folder you want only to be used with request forms.

3. Edit your request forms so that new items get the manual created status "New" instead of the Default "Created manually".

4. Set up an automation rule that changes every item in the corresponding space or folder to the status "invalid item" if the status doesn't change within one day from "Created manually". Add an @mention to the creator that he may use a request form instead of creating manual items in this space or folder.

Enjoy 😁


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Florian Kislich

Thank you for this step by step - however I'm looking for something that isn't tied to request forms. Specially to be able to have all projects that are created in all the other ways (Green + symbol; + symbol in a space, etc.) automatically go to a specific folder so that I know when their created and can allocated - better yet make it so the department field has to be used and then it auto allocates to the correct folder.

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Hi Aimee, I guess if a task or project is created manually, you won't be able to move it automatically to a specific folder. Request forms are a great way to ensure all necessary information is collected and stored in a predefinend way, including the correct folder. When creating items manually, the user can decide where and what he wants to submit. Alternatively you could work with blueprints instead of creating blank tasks.

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Florian Kislich Nah I'll have to find a way around it. 90% of our projects go through request forms, but there are plenty that myself, my boss, and our designers put in manually because of the way we receive them from leadership (non Wrike users) -- but I'm the only one that would know and possibly remember to allocate to the right folder. So I'll have to find a workaround. Thank you, though - I already have a solution for the request forms just need one for non requested form projects. 

I believe I can get it to work with an automation but the piece I'm missing on that is that you can only pull from specific folders or spaces for projects and all manual projects are not allocated automatically like a request form is - so I'm thinking on that...

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You could at least use the automation to create an @mention to you or other power users if a new task or project is generated without using a request form by adopting my solution. Then you could check manually if all necessary custom fields are populated and chance the folder.

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