How to document Lessons Learned Effectively?

I am working on developing my company's knowledge base. I am currently working on Lessons Learned for each project. 

I am curious to learn how the community has used Wrike to document lessons learned. I've seen a lot of word and excel templates but have not been able to find one in Wrike. 

How do you document lessons learned and what system do you use? How do you collect lessons from your team?

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Lea (Wrike Newbie)

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I just started implementing this idea, so by no means is it perfect but it works for now.. In our larger projects I create a separate task Debrief. After all the tasks are completed I schedule time with the project owner and review the tasks, highlight the ups/downs, basically discuss the following:

What worked well?

What would we do differently next time?

Who was an outstanding assignee?

Any notes that are taken are kept in the Debrief task, when this recurring project comes around (quarterly, yearly) we can review them before the next project build. 

hope that helps! 

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This is a great question Lea Labastida! I haven't considered how Wrike could be useful for this. We definitely have a lot of learnings from our projects, but we haven't implemented a way to capture those lessons in Wrike. I could see a process like that being very useful for constant improvement and benchmarking. Thanks for the question!

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I came here to ask a similar question. I am new to my company and to Wrike, so I have been taking a lot of notes on processes. 

So far I have been using my personal space, creating labeled folders, then creating tasks and keeping notes in the discussion section. It works, but then it shows up in my dashboard because you have to assign it a status. 

It would be nice if there was a place that they could be kept that doesn't require a status.

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Hanna Zepeda, I decided not to store the lessons learned in Wrike but do Word Document and just attach it to a tab. 

In regards to status, I have used different workflows for like Projects vs knowledge base. It has helped to select statuses that don't appear in the dashboard. I add the status under the complete section.

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Lea Labastida that is a good idea, thanks for the suggestion!


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