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I am trying to create a request form that will allow you to choose services from the checkbox format and then give follow-up questions (service options) to choose from. Is there any way to do this in Wrike or will I have to create an outside web form? 

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Hi Mary Kathryn Merrill,

To answer this question I am assuming that you know how to set up the request form to have the submitted form as far as, placing it in a folder/project, assigning tasks to people, and to get task titles from a completed form, etc. 

You can have extra questions appear on your request forms that are dependent on what was selected from a drop box option, not a check box. Not sure why this is, but to accomplish what you wish I would change your check boxes to a drop box. Once you have have the drop box you will need to add pages to your request form and set the up for each drop down option (service options) that you have. For example if you have 3 service options, you will need to have 3 additional pages. Please note that if you want an ending page to collect other information no matter what option was selected you will need to add an extra page for this as well. 

To add a page at the bottom of your current page, there is an option to add page. 


Once the page is created, I would fill in your page header that corresponds to your option from your check list. 

Again, you will want to add as many pages as you have options. So you will want to hit that add page again, for this example I have added a total of 3 pages. 

On each page that corresponds for the service option selected you can then fill add your questions to each of the applicable pages. Since I do not know what those options are I just added a paragraph box to show how it works. 


Next you will want to decide what happens after they have filled in the additional questions for the service that they have chosen. By default the pages will go to the next page that follows, but that does not make sense in this case because if they choose the first option then they would have to click through the other option pages. at the bottom of the page there is a drop down menu that says After page # where you can choose what to do after that page. 

If no additional information is needed you can simply select submit form. If you want additional information you will then need to add a page after page 4, and then you can have the option to go to that page. If you use a drop down and which requires further information, you can then follow these steps and setup more pages. For this example I added a 5th page to collect submitter information which I will show later. So at the end of pages 2-4 I will have the option to go to Page 5. 

Now that you have your option pages set up scroll back to the top to your first page that will have your service option check list. 

When you hover your mouse over one of the options there is a dependent tree that appears to the right beside an x..

Click on it, from the list of options, you will want to select the redirect option. 

For each option you will want to select the page that corresponds to the option, Option 1 goes to page 2 (Option 1), Option 2 goes to page 3 (Option 2), and so on.  

Now that you have all your service pages set up and your options from your original question you are ready to use the request form. Hit publish and you are ready to go. 

When you launch your request form, it should look like this. 

Once you choose an option and hit next it will redirect you to the page you want to get the additional information for. 


Once you select next after the information is gathered, in this example it will take you to the submitter page. 

Once that information is entered, just hit submit. 

The task that is created should now have all the information that you require. 

Hope that helps. 


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Thank you so much! I think I have it figured out finally!! 

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