Do you prebuild projects to populate your editorial calendar?

I have dozens of projects that we know we will be working on the next 12 months. Our team needs to see them on an editorial calendar.  (ie, Nurses Week, Veterans Day, the CEO’s Monthly Blog, Employee Open Enrollment for Benefits and on and on and on...)

I am tempted to build a “Planning Project” loaded up with each of these as tasks with dates associated so we could see as a layer on a calendar. The tasks in the project are for the calendar purposes only.

But another thought is that I prebuild the actual Projects with the known dates.These projects would have a status of Planned. The editorial calendar could then be set up to show the Planned status projects. 

What are best practices for editorial calendars? What do you do?

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Hi Susan Scott, welcome to the Community, happy to see you here! 🙂

Although I'm hoping that other professionals like you will be able to jump on and provide their insight, I'm happy to share some tips and resources too!

First of all, does your team use Wrike for collaboration on these projects? Because I'd have thought that if you're already keeping a record of everything in Wrike, it should only take a couple of minutes to create a Calendar based on these projects. If you're not yet doing that, you might think about doing that - having all your projects there can make your team's work easier. Please let me know your thoughts!

Here are a couple of blog posts that might be helpful for creating an editorial calendar:

Leading Content Marketers Share the Best Way to Make a Publishing Calendar

Secrets for Building an Integrated Marketing Campaign Calendar

There's also a thread here on the Community, and there's a recorded webinar video posted there as well, hope it's helpful! 

[Open Discussion] How Is Your Marketing Team Planning Projects?


Thanks for reaching out and looking forward to the discussion! 

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