๐Ÿ“ฆ Releases - HTML Proofing, Android updates and getting attached (06/29/20)

Feature Updates

Wrike Proof for HTML

Wrike Proof for HTML is out of Labs and is now officially a part of Wrike Proof and Wrike for Marketers! You canย now preview HTML links for websites, leave comments directly on webpages, create snapshots, and integrate this feature into your approval processes. Team members on your account with different subscriptions and without access to this feature will be also able to preview website link attachments in your tasks.

Android App v.4.1.1

Now you can enjoy all of the functionalities of the Stream tab, with some additional features to boot, such as showing you Approval updates, changes in attachments, and new comments in tasks even if they don't directly @mention you. Activity is now available in the Android App.

Old Salesforce Integration Sunset

We've officially ended our support for the old Salesforce integration. The info on the new version of the integration and how to migrate your data is all available in our Help Center.

Files From Box in Request Forms

You can now attach files from Box to request forms.

  • Note - make sure that uploading from Box is enabled in your Security settings.

Default Workflows

You can now set up differentย default workflowsย for projects and tasks in the folders' or projects' information panel. Going with the flow has never been easier!

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