Option to remove Ghost tags from List view (already not visible on Boards)

Hi guys,

I would like to ask for the option to remove the ghost tags on the List View.  This is the "goto" view in Wrike - as evidenced by you guys making it the default in the New Experience in fact.  With the importance of the List View, I think you should really focus more on customizability there, which I hope is coming.

With this request, the idea is to be able not to see Ghosts, because they aren't really all the time relevant to subtasks thanks to the ability to multi-home subtasks in Wrike.  That's a great feature that partially solves the lack of relations in Wrike, which I think you desperately need by the way (per request below).


I have many instances where I'm using subtasks for relations, for example a task for a Meeting.  I house those in a "meetings" folder.  With the meeting task, I pull in other tasks as agenda items, thanks to another great tool - the ability to search with auto-complete for any task with just a few keystrokes(also should be avail. in List View!!).  However, when I look at these subtasks that are the agenda items in List View, they now all appear to be a meeting because of the ghost tag "meetings" inherited from the parent task of the Meeting, but they aren't.  If I could "lose" the ghost tag, that would solve the problem.  Thankfully the Board View doesn't do this, but that isn't a view I'm using to look at this particular set of tasks.

I have many other such instances.

Thanks for the consideration and fingers crossed you guys will move on this!

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Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

Thank you for sharing this suggestion! I can see how this would be helpful.
If you need anything else, be sure to let me know.
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