๐Ÿ“ˆReleases - Project progress, API's and missing numbers (02/10/20)

Feature Updates

Project Progress in Reports

We've made some serious progress on reports - literally. You can now add a Project Progress column to your reports.

Job Role Grouping on Workload

Now you can see group users together by job roles on a Workload chart. Now isn't THAT a load off your shoulders?

Wrike API Deleting Improvement

You don't have to worry about deleting something important any more: we added a confirmation box after you choose to delete an API app.


Inbox Showing Wrong Number

You might have noticed that when you archived Inbox notifications and other people continued to work on these tasks (specifically with approvals), you got "ghost" Inbox notifications from these tasks. Fixed now!

OneDrive Attachments Disappearing

Sometimes, when you attached files from OneDrive to Wrike tasks you wouldn't see those files right away. Now you do.

Missing Weeks in Timesheets

Some people weren't able to load a particular week in their Timesheets. They got stuck with an empty page instead. Now fixed.

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