Deleting a Custom Field in Wrike

I want to Delete a Custom Field..A similar field was created by my colleague and it has to be deleted.. We do not want to just remove it but delete it altogether..

Can someone please help?

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My understanding is that you cannot fully delete custom fields once they've been created. You can remove custom fields from individual projects/folders so they don't appear, though.

Refer to this post for more information:

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Hi Guhan Sriram R V!

It's currently not possible to delete Custom Fields within Wrike, but it is possible to rename and relabel them, so that they can be reused. If you feel like it should be possible to delete them, I'd recommend adding an upvote to this post. Our Product Managers will be able to provide an upvote soon, so be sure to add your voice here to make sure you're notified!

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It looks like I have been able to remove a custom field- but it is not straightforward.

First, I changed the field so that it belonged to PROJECTS only (not folders and tasks). 

Second, I went to each of my projects, went to Manage Custom Fields, and right clicked to "remove from project".

Once I removed the custom field from EVERY project, it no longer showed up for filters and column selection. It can be a challenge to find the one remaining project in your system that still has the field, but eventually I was able to find them all.

It does make me stop and be more thoughtful about when to use a custom field vs when to simply include the information in the Project description. I think it comes down to asking myself: "Do I ever need to filter or report on this information?" If so, make a custom field. 


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Timothy, that's a ridiculously painful workaround... but at least it's a workaround. Thank you. 

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Yes it is, no doubt!

But I was able to declutter my Custom Fields list. Team members were getting confused and distracted with field we weren't using any longer. 

Would be nice to have a delete button for sure.


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