HR Workflows?

Hi everyone!

I'm on the hunt for some examples of workflows that other HR teams out there use. If you have a workflow your team uses I would love to see it.

Working on something slightly-top-secret for you guys and your examples would be very helpful - yes, I'm trying to use intrigue to get some examples. 


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Hi Stephanie, 

Kind of excited to see what you are working on. Here are some screen shots of our workflows that we use for tracking documents, handling maintenance requests, new home openings, scheduling, and processing work expenses.

Document Tracking

Maintenance and New Home Opening Workflow

The rest of the active status below.

One of our Scheduling Workflows

Work Expense Submission (We are looking at replacing some of these status' using the new approve feature)


We have a few more that are simple. I tried to grab some ones that show some features like, adding a new assignee, using the dependent feature, etc.

Hope this helps.


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Stephanie Westbrook

@ryan this is incredible and exactly what I was looking for, thank you so much!


If anyone else out there has examples, I would love to see them. 

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Hey Stephanie,

I developed this workflow that works well for our IR/ER advisory team. 

Please share anything HR-related that you configure into Wrike! 

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Stephanie Westbrook

Sarah Bacich This is great! Thank you so much. I'm not working on configuring anything directly into Wrike, but looking for examples and good best practices to include in something customer-education related that we're working on. I will definitely be sharing on Community when it's ready though! 

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We have a few workflows also in our system.  The first is Order Entry; this flow helps to show the milestones process for reporting.  So when I set a milestone up and choose Order Entry Set the report below helps our organisation to understand when we will be looking to go to Order Entry phase.

The next is our priority workflow which allows us to assign priority to tasks for our design engineers to follow.  We added in an Awaiting Approval process in here as well so that we can see what stage the task is in visually to quicken the approval function.

We have a costing for special requirements workflow as well.  This process allows our costing team to have 3 stages of the flow process and a location to place non feasible requests to show them as completed but no further work required.  We also found that having a on hold (deferred) area for SR's that dont have enough information to completely cost up the product.

And another workflow I personally find useful is to have projects to have a RAG status for the project.  So any active project I can put it in a stage of Red Amber or Green to show how the project is progressing.  This allows my directors to see the project at a snapshot as I dont always see the dashboards representing the project effectively (plus if I need a director to do something, I make the project Red to highlight issues internally).  Plus having an "Awaiting Go Ahead" allows us to put the project phases to represent action required by the project board.

Hope these help you with thoughts for your organisation.




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