⭐ Releases-Wrike for Professional Services, project progress, and a little roll up! (10/04/19)

Feature Updates

Wrike for Professional Services - Launched!
  • We released a new package - Wrike for Professional Services! If you work with a services-based company or just need some heavy resource planning features - Wrike for PS is for you.
Updates to Wrike Resource
  • Resource got a lot of upgrades:
  • Job Roles - create job roles for your team and then group tasks by job roles on the Workload chart, and assign tasks to users according to their job role.
  • Billable Time - categorize tasks and projects as either billable or non-billable.
  • Team Utilization Report - a new report template that shows total utilization and billable utilization for selected team members.
  • Time Entries Lock - lock time entries to prevent them from being edited.
  • Workload Chart Updates - group tasks by projects and change the zoom from days to weeks.
  • Timesheets Updates - you can see other people's timesheets now.
  • Backlog Box Updates - a new horizontal backlog box provides a more visual outline of unassigned tasks and makes it easier to make staffing decisions based on job roles and information about demand and availability.
Approvals on New Accounts
  • Now - all new business and up accounts have Approvals turned on by default. Existing accounts still need to turn the feature on from Labs...for now.
Project Progress for Accounts
  • Project progress is out of Labs! With Project Progress, Wrike automatically calculates your project's progress based on your updates and selected metrics.
Roll Up-Custom Fields and Dates Roll Up in Projects
Wrike for Android Ver.3.39.1
  • We added Timesheets to the Android App. Now you can check which tasks you've been working on and how long it's taken you to do them. Also, you can set up weekly or daily reminders in case you need to be reminded to add time entries! The latter is exclusive to the Android mobile app.
Why so many updates this week? We hosted Collaborate, our yearly conference, and wanted to tell everyone about what we've been working on. Stay up to date for next year's event.


OneDrive Files + Comments
  • If you tried to attach files from OneDrive (by clicking the paperclip icon in comments), files could not be added. Fixed.
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