Reporting on Spaces

As the owner and administrator for Wrike, I am accountable for EVERYTHING in Wrike and report on project and application health to executives.๐Ÿ˜ฑ   I would like to be able to be either:

1. Have the ability to be added to all shared and public Spaces by default or

2. Have the ability to report on activity in Spaces

I do NOT need to have access to private/personal spaces.

Spaces are great, but there's the capability to circumvent existing processes with some of the functionality (e.g. project creation and reporting).


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I agree this is a concern in that the administrators are not aware of the spaces being created by users.  This can lead to both a governance and support issue.  

We have Business level, is this resolve in Enterprise only?  it seems like a gap that should be fixed in the business level.  I have never had an application where as an admin I am dependent on the user to 'choose' to do the right thing and share the space with the administrators.


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