Workaround: Customize Email Notifications per Workspace (Outlook)

We recently signed on with a third-party company for marketing automation software and the setup process is intense. Luckily, they ALSO use Wrike! For the first time I have two Wrike workspaces.

I have all email notifications turned OFF for my regular, everyday workspace. We all live in Wrike so there's no need for them. However, the other workspace isn't updated as frequently and I sometimes forget to switch over there to check for updates. Right now I am not seeing a way to customize email notifications for each workspace.

In the meantime, my workaround is:

- Enabling all Wrike email notifications in Profile Settings.

- Adding a contact to Outlook to match how Wrike emails come from each of my team members (e.g. Emails come in as "[Team Member Name] at [Wrike Team Name]" with the email address Outlook will try to tell you that these are duplicate contacts because the email address is the same, but it will give you an option to create the duplicate. The contact name is what differentiates them and allows for more granular customization. (You don't want ALL emails from to be deleted!)

- Setting up a rule in my inbox to move all emails from those contacts in that group to the deleted folder.

This seems to work fine right now, but it would be nice to have this option built in someday.



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