๐Ÿ’ฌ Releases-Comment formatting, image loading, and a long short story (02/05/19)

Feature Updates

When you need a little formatting

Bold. Strikethrough. Italics. All options forย formatting Wrike commentsย and there's a couple more. Do what feels right.ย 
Anything else? Ctrl + B and Ctrl + I (Cmd + B or I on macs) work as keyboard shortcuts for bold and italics.ย ๐Ÿ™Œ

New version of the iOS Appย 

One cool thing: You can reschedule tasks while offline โ€” the changes sync when you're back online. Another cool thing: The app's been translated into Simplified Chinese.ย 

Images loading faster

Short story: Large images load faster. Longer story: For larger images, you'll see a preview until the original fully loads, at which point the original seamlessly replaces the preview.ย 

Limited access + duplicatingย 

If someone has limited access to aย folder/project, they can duplicate tasks from thatย folder/project.ย 


Access roles + User Groups

Situation: A folder/project was shared with multiple User Groups, those groups had different permission levels, a user was part of more than one of those groups. Result: They should have the highest permissions out of the groups they're part of, but that didn't always happen. Fixed!

Attaching bigger files to external Request Formsย 

Sometimes people weren't able to upload larger files when filling out an external Request Form. That's fixed.ย 
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Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

I would like to give the same user different permission levels for different folders - so the fix you describe is not really what I would be looking for but the possibility to manage the folder/permissions individually despite dealing with the same users...

Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice


Is this not possible using the "Turn Off Inherited Sharing" feature of Wrike. This allows you to take away permissions to a folder even if a user or user group had a higher access level in a folder above the relevant folder in the tree.

Additionally I would recommend you try to use user groups as much as possible, monitoring individual access becomes very tedious (especially when adding a new user to a complex workspace). You can always increase the access level of a specific user too.


My apologies if this is not what you meant in your query but if it was then I'm glad I could help!



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