Modify Daily To-Do Reminder (select specific folders)

Is there a way to limit the Daily To-Do Reminder to only pull tasks from specific folders.  We have multiple folders including some that are "archive" folders for dead or closed projects.  The reminder is pulling tasks from these folders into the daily reminder and I would like to limit it to pull from specific folders.

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Hi Dave, unfortunately there isn't a way to customize the content of the daily to-do reminder email notification. This is a really good idea, though, and there's a thread over in the Product Feedback area that you should respond to and upvote. Check it out here:

I did want to suggest based on the scenario you gave about archived/closed projects. I made it part of my teams process to close (cancel, complete or delete) any active tasks as part of our archiving process. This cleaned up our email notifications, My Work area, and Reports/Dashboards.


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