⏪ Releases-Personalized Workspaces, @mentions, and less regret (08/21/18)

Feature Updates

Workspace Themes Released 

You can choose what you want your Workspace background to look like. The old party themes are there plus we've added a few more. Let's go indigo? Retro safari? Midnight black? So many possibilities. 

@mention Followers and Assignees

Now you can @mention all of a Task, Folders, or Projects followers or assignees, just send a comment to @assignees or @followers. 

Work Schedules Roll-Out Finished 

Work Schedules are now available on all accounts. Admins - just refresh your Workspace and check the account management section to check them out. 

When You Regret What You Did...Undo

Undo functionality got beefed up, you can undo up to the last 30 actions you've performed on the Gantt Chart. There are some caveats, read them. 

This Week on Calendars

Calendars can now show you a week-by-week breakdown of what's happening. 

More Updates 

  • Users on Free and Professional accounts or on a trial may notice that their sharing dialogue box (where you go to share items from) works a little differently. We've got you covered
  • We had a Gmail Gadget, but Gmail is discontinuing what they call Contextual Gadgets. Don't worry, you can use the new add-on instead.
  • It should be easier to see Folder/Project titles in tags. 


Wrike Bot - Perpetually Uninvited

Wrike Bot sometimes thought that it hadn't been invited to a room in Hangouts, (even though it had) and it would ask people to add it to the room. That was awkward, and now it's fixed. 
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RE: @mention Followers and Assignees

That function doesn't seem enabled for @mentions in the mobile app (Android). Are there plans to roll that feature into the mobile app?

Also related to that... the Follow feature does not seem to be in the mobile app either (Android). There's no way to adjust the Follow settings or add/modify followers in the Android app. Am I missing it?  If it's not built in, I think it would be great to have that. I'm often on the move, and trying to setup and manage projects. It's very inconvenient to only be able to make that setting on the desktop.

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Hi Nash, mobile updates can rarely happen at the same time as the Desktop/browser updates. Keep an eye on this section for updates in the future 👍

@Sebastian - sorry for the delay responding. I've raised a ticket with our Support Team to help with this.

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