๐Ÿ‘ธReleases-Mass download, sharing, and happily ever after (09/06/18)

Feature Updates

Easier Access in the New Table View

When you right click on a task in the new Table View, you can: copy its permalink, open it in a separate browser tab, delete it.

Download More at One Time

Mass download items from the Files View. Just a note: you can't download attachments stored on a cloud storage platform (like Google Drive).

Work Schedules, Collaborators, and Individual Exceptions

A Collaborator opens Work Schedules. They see the calendar exceptions an admin created for them (they couldn't before). Punchline: increased transparency for everyone. Oh wait, that's a fact, not a punchline.

Sure you want to share?

When you @mention someone on an item that isn't shared with them, it becomes shared when you hit send. Now you'll be asked to confirm if you want to share first.ย ย 


Disappearing Custom Fields

This is the story of a short-lived bug. In some cases, if you opened a Folder or Project which was created a while ago, its Custom Fields would disappear if you opened it in the Table View. Happy ending: it's fixed.ย 

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