๐Ÿ“… Releases- Time and Date format, new Project widget option and more (06/15/18)

Feature Updates

Select Date and Time Format

Before, the date format was defined by your account settings. Now,ย you can selectย your own date format preference inย your Profile settings! Available formats are: dd/mm/yyyy and mm/dd/yyyy. Also, if you no longer want to use the "military" time format you can switch to the AM/PM time format. The setting is available in Profile settings too. Read all about the changes here.

Projects Widget now has an Overdue option

We've added an option to the new Project widget which allows seeing only Overdue Projects in the Project widget. Also, if a Project is overdue, its finish date turns red in the widget. Great for getting an overview of what Projects need some attention!

Account's Custom Calendars now Supported on Timeline

Previously, exceptions inย Custom account Calendarย like additional days off and extra working days were not displayed on the Timeline View. Now, Timeline View displays Custom Calendar detail.



Date Custom Fields showing Incorrect Dateย 

If your timezone was set to from GMT-1 to GTM-12 and selected a date in the date-type Custom Field, a different date showed up in the field. This is now Fixed.

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