New User Role "User" vs "Project Manager" for the pricing model.


This is a more focus post about a new role in the pricing structure, but there are some similar ideas here

If we exclude the external role, we can synthesis our options between "Project Managers" (called user in Wrike, expensive ) and "Commentators" (called Collaborator, free).

A collaborator CAN'T Event create a task. It means if you do not want to have 2 different ppm/task management software in your company, all your employees have to be users=project manager=expensive.
My management won't accept to pay 300$ by basic user.

My suggestion :
1. Keep "Collaborator" as they are. Free/ultra limited.
2. Rename your actual "User" "Project Manager", but keep their seat exactly as today. Keep your pricing model.

3. Between them, create a brand-new role "user".
This would be a paid user, let's say between 90 & 120$,

The new-users could create their own tasks, (optional, eventually manage their private-non-shared folders), but they would not be able to create shared folders, or reporting etc..

So pricing model would offer a intermediate price point for intermediate features.

This would help to consider having more people onboarding the tool, but not paying a project manager role for letting people managing at least their personal todo list in the same corporate software.



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I personally think Wrike is the best project management system that there is, it's absolutely incredible. 


The staff in my limited experience were sheeple and the Wrike pricing structure is an absolute joke. I got into a debate with two staff members Ben and Devin and they both literally just sprayed company policy at me instead of having an open mind and trying to understand my situation and offering an option to potentially talk to a manager or higher up about it since there's not much they could do individually. Ben and Devins customer service was horrible and that is not how you represent a business how they did it with me. I am mainly frustrated that it was so difficult to get in touch with management, if that wasn't the case I wouldn't be so upset about it all but unfortunately that wasn't the case. My only options with wrike for my team of 2-3 people grand total, is to pay $2,000 up front year to year and I don't even have the option to pay monthly. The pricing structure you guys have although you may think makes sense, I would argue that to a lot of people it doesn't and I think you guys literally deceive people when you look at the pricing page and you read monthly payments and see nowhere on the cards that you have to have a minimum of a certain amount of users when you start.

Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

Hi Julien THIERY, thank you for this feedback! It's been passed on to the Product team.

Tucker, I see that you have been speaking with our Support team. I'm sorry to hear that you had this experience.

Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

Is there any update on the pricing structure? My team and me are interested in using wrike. But when I read all this stress, inflexability and intransparency about pricing and unreasnable plan structures, I may not be able to convince higher management. 

Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

Thank you for your feedback here Michael Hoehndorf; I can see you've also discussed this with our Support team. Please let us know if you need help with anything else! 

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