๐Ÿ“Ž Releases-Team Drive, New Timelog, a Detachment Conundrum (02/15/18)

Feature Update

  • Google Team Drive Attachmentsย 
    • Attach from Google Drives? Old news. New news? You can now attach to Wrike directly from Google Team Drives. We know some people who'll be happy.ย 
  • Groupings Moved on the New Timelogย 
    • If you're using the new Timelog View (it's in Labs) - groupings moved from the right to the left-hand side.ย 

ย Fixesย 

  • Attachments Upload from Outlook Add-inย 
    • Situation: You used the Outlook Add-in with on on-premise version of Exchange and created a new task with the "Convert to a task" button". Result: Attachments weren't added to the task. Womp womp. It's fixed now.ย 
    • Note: The max file size for uploading attachments via the Outlook add-in is 10 megabytes.ย 
  • Unwanted Detachingย 
    • In certain, very specific, scenarios when you shared a Subfolder with My Team, it detached from the parent Folder. Fixed now! And if you want more details on exactly when this happened, just ask, we're happy to share.ย 
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