Recurrent Tasks - Recurring Projects - Management Area in Settings - and other recurring feature requests

One thing our team loves about Wrike is there is no single correct way to do something in Wrike. We gradually made the transition to using recurring tasks after recognizing we could save time and energy skipping request forms to streamline the process as recurring tasks for select items. This was a major shift since we were switching from request forms launching a Project from a blueprint to using a single recurrent task... aka we converted to the form launching tasks with subtasks so we could have consistent reporting to match the recurring tasks, confusing I know. I have since been informed by our Wrike success team it would be better to continue using projects if we intend to upgrade to Wrike Analyze. Which brings me to the recurrent task feedback:

  1. Add Recurring Projects: this would be a game changer since currently you can only manually create projects, launch from blueprint or use the request forms AND subtasks don't carry over in the recurring task.

  2. Manage Recurring Items Area: It would be great if we could manage all of the recurring tasks/projects (once available) in one place like in settings similar to the custom fields. Being able to update multiple related recurring items in one place would save a lot of time. It would also provide line of site into all recurring tasks as I have been asked to fix recurring items I never knew existed.

  3. Custom Fields Populated: While custom fields carry over, the data in them does not. This would be helpful to eliminate manual entry for custom fields that don't change on the recurring task... some examples in our instance are Business Line, Project Type, Benchmarks, Audience, Region... please help save me time from manually updating all of this just so the reports work. I would set up an automation rule to set the custom fields but that function isn't yet available either.

  4. Add Quarterly as a Frequency: Everyone has tasks/projects that are repeated each quarter rather than launch blueprints or request forms it could simply be Days before or after Quarter end. I know some industries have different quarter ends so it may be beneficial to set the Quarter end dates in settings.

  5. Set the workflow used for the recurring item: you should be able to set the workflow used for the recurrent task. I was told the task inherits the default workflow of the parent folder but I have seen time and time again what should be the default workflow for the task be overwritten, even if the recurrence is set up from scratch again with the correct workflow to match the parent folder.

I apologize as most of this feedback has been noted elsewhere in the community in one way or another. I thought it best to consolidate my thoughts rather than spread them throughout the other posts. The moral of the story is this recurrent feature has a lot more potential than its current capabilities and the above requests would be a great step to helping many Wrike users further streamline their processes.



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Hi Alexander Fisher, thank you for posting your suggestions with such detailed feedback, it's really handy for the Product team. I'm passing your ideas to them now 👍

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