Do you perform regular backups of your Wrike account?

I recently learned about Quick and Full account backups. I've never done one and we've been on Wrike for almost 2 years.  

  1. Should I do regular backups of my account (for those of you that do, how often do you backup)? 

  2. Do you do a Quick or Full backup? (quick is only data, full includes attachments)

  3. Has anyone ever had an issue where they needed to restore their account from a backup? How does the process of restoring from a backup work? 
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Thank you for reaching out Rob Gorczyca! I've featured your post on the Community home page now - let's see if we get any replies 👍 

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We have been using Wrike for a little over a year now. I have done the quick backup every 6 months or so at this point and have never done the Full backup. I imagine that the Wrike servers follow industry SOP for redundancy on their servers so we have not been too concerned with having regular backups, it is more of a peace of mind kind of thing.

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I took a closer look at the documentation Wrike offers on Account Backup, and found the following: 

Wrike hosts its servers at two trusted datacenters in separate locations and runs real-time database replication, which means that your data is backed up almost every second.

I also noticed it says:

Backed up data can’t be imported back into Wrike.

I guess this leaves me wondering "can't be imported back into Wrike by the user, but it can be imported by the Wrike team?" 

I'm not really sure what I would do with the .json files (that contain a bunch of code) that the quick backup feature provides, should I ever need to refer back to something that was deleted.    

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honestly .. I never take backups, I completely trust on the automatic backups from Wrike's side, as Rob correctly states, they are every second, on two different servers, two different locations. I can't do better myself ;-)
Now yes, there is one practice I regularly apply (every end of the week, Sundays) and that is the Export of the whole structure (Personal, Shared, Blueprints, Spaces) to Excel. Although I know it doesn't take the Account Settings with (workflows, custom fields, automation, ...) it gives me an 'enough' good feeling as I trust - as written above - that the Wrike servers have my back on that :) note this IMHO .. anyone should decide for itself but maybe Rob Gorczyca this might be a good 'in between' solution to your needs? Excel export are ALWAYS importable in Wrike taken in account the fact that you must have exactly the same structure (workflows, fields, etc etc ..) than all the ones mentioned in your Excel columns. Easy eg. you could never import your Export in my Wrike structure (and reverse, it could not import to you) as certainly we do not have the same setup due to different type of organization. Hope this helps some. Regards.


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