Enterprise Account, Limiting the users visible to individuals

Currently in an enterprise account, a user can see ALL other users in the system. They can even assign tasks to each other and @ tag each other. 

We are a franchisor, our franchisees do not work together in their offices so this adds confusion and sometimes leads to work being assigned and folders being shared with people outside their office. 

It would be nice if we could limit visibility to just the individuals in their GROUP, as we are using that function for folder sharing. Or if they could only see other people in the system that have folders in common with them. 

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I agree with Kelli´s suggestion.

We are currently facing the same issue. As our Wrike account is growing, the number of users is increasing. Both INTERNAL and EXTERNAL. Which leads to more interactions between users and opening a HUGE opportunity for error... assigning the wrong person, or texting them using the @ symbol. There are many users which share the same first name, or have similar last names. 


A suggestion is to have a visibility limitation as Kelli mentioned. However, a quicker and easier way is to add a "Tag" to users, so we can add them as internal or external. I know there are "external and regular" users. But that is not our case, we use "collaborators" for all our external people (plus some of the internals) and Regular users for some of our internal. What I mean by tagging: whoever the user's license is, he should be tagged either as internal or external, so they can interact with either one or the other (OR BOTH). That solves the issue. I think Teamwork has a similar feature.

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