My Work: Pin as "automatic"

The "My Work" view shows all items that are pinned for the user.

The section the task is displayed in is

  • determined by the due date for tasks that are automatically pinned by assignment or
  • manually set for tasks manually pinned or manually moved.

Also, only the first manual assignment appears to count.

My question: Is there a way to get the task in the "automatic" mode again?

Really, I would think that the pin menu of the task should have an additional option called "automatic" or so.

Jens Theisen VisBricks

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Hi Jens, thanks for your post! In My Work, unpinned tasks won't move through the sections automatically. Our team is currently working on revamping this section and this feedback is valuable as they go through that process.

For now, have you checked out Dashboards? Dashboard widgets are a great way to monitor tasks. If you can let me know what tasks you'd like to see in a Dashboard I can help you set this up 👍

Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

I would also be interested in having an automatic setting for this because my company is changing due dates and priorities often so I'm finding that I'm needing to jump between the Dashboard and My Work a lot to verify that the work I do need to be doing is actually displaying in one or the other (or better yet, both). Sometimes I'll set a task to be backlogged and then if I change the due date to next week, I would really like it if the task was then pinned again to the appropriate section. 


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