6 Easy Steps to Navigate Wrike (for end users)

Wrike is Tasks and Folders (and Projects).

Tasks, Folders, and Projects -- these are the building blocks of Wrike. Tasks are the actionable items you need to complete; they’re where you communicate, brainstorm, and work. Folders and Projects are ways to organize your tasks (like Folders in a file cabinet).

Read our post on Tasks, Folders, and Projects for more details on when to use which, good use cases, and how to build out your Folder structure.

Sharing is seeing.

What this means: if something isn’t shared with you, you can’t access it. You can’t see it, you can’t search for it; from your perspective, it doesn’t exist. However, once something is shared with you, it appears in your Workspace and you can then view it and search for it.

More details on how Sharing works.

What You See vs. How You See It.

The left-hand panel controls what you see (a Folder/Project, Report, Inbox, or something else). Views (List, Table, Timeline, etc.) are the different options for how you see tasks within a Folder. You see the view options appear after you click on a Folder/Project.

For example: the List View shows tasks in a list, the Table View is a spreadsheet view, and the Timeline View is a Gantt chart. In each case, you’re looking at the same tasks but from different angles. Info about views here.

Most important: Mind Your Filters.

Filters determine which tasks you see. By default, you only see Active tasks, but you can change your filters at any time. Change settings to see completed tasks, or see tasks assigned to a certain person and scheduled for this week.

There are a lot of filter options and if you can’t find a task in a list, it’s always good to check which filters are applied.

Notifications In and Out of Wrike

You have two sets of notifications with Wrike: email notifications and Wrike Inbox notifications. Notifications in Wrike are located in your Inbox, you can pick and choose which notifications you want sent to your Inbox within Wrike.

When in Doubt: Search

There are two ways to search in Wrike. The search box at the top of the Workspace is a task search where you can search for specific tasks by name. The other search box is on the left-hand side where you can search for Folders and Projects by name or keyword. Our help center page on search has more tips and tricks.

PS: My To-do - All your active tasks live here. This is a filtered view dedicated to all active tasks assigned to you. Use this to get quick insight to your work on the platform.

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