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Deleted Users' Task Assignments should remain Visible in Filters, Reports, Exports

  Use Case: I'm trying to find tasks assigned to people who no longer work here, and found this statement in your help:"If the user was assigned to tasks, you can no longer filter by them as an as...

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Put a task in my *own* Incoming tab in Inbox - how to trigger that?

I have come to really rely upon the "Incoming" tab in my Inbox area of Wrike. I have turned off email notifications from Wrike and just look here during the day instead. It's great that 'new stuff'...

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Best practices for driving dates on tasks with Dependencies: bottom-up or top-down?

Given Wrike's quirks (failures?) when it comes to large-scale, true Project Management (ala MS Project or SmartSheet), what seems to work out better to drive dates (and views) of tasks...? Let the...

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Known Issues log for Wrike?

Do you make available a "known issues" log to your users? I had a weird Dashboard incident today and I'd rather not take the time to document such stuff if it's already a known issue...


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