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  • Are you using Wrike Analyze?

    Does anyone use the added (additional cost) feature, Wrike Analyze and if so, how do you like it?

  • Options for Requestors other than full licenses

    Hi -- I'm looking for any ways to reduce the number of full licenses I need.  We just acquired another company and could potentially be increasing users by 50%.  Some of my project managers/job req...

  • Comments not showing up in Word files

    Has anyone experienced comments not showing up in Word files that have been uploaded to Wrike?  We've just discovered that some Word files (not all) which have been edited and then uploaded into Wr...

  • Save-as function for reports

    Hi -- I think it would be great if there was a "save-as" function when you are needing to create a report that is similar to an existing report.  You would select the existing report, be able to do...

  • Opening a project from the inbox

    Hi.  When you click on a project from the inbox, you only get to see the project detail panel.  In order to actually open that project to work on it, you have to find it in the left nav and open it...

  • Chicago users

    Hi -- I'm new to Wrike -- work in an in-house creative department and looking to connect with other users in the Chicago area.  Anyone out there who would be willing to connect and share insights o...