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  1. Comunidad
  2. Remote Collaboration

Current setup we use in a big company for hybrid collaboration

Before COVID, our entreprise (> 20000 employees) had almost no remote working activity. Everybody went to the office each day. When COVID hit, it was crucial to have remote capabilities asap. At th...

  1. Comunidad
  2. Product Feedback

Using RegEx for data (source) selection in Dashboards/Reports

Are there any plans for adding Regular Expression functionality when selecting Data Sources in Report creation or Dashboard Widget creation? Or even RegEx to completely finetune the data selection ...

  1. Comunidad
  2. Product Feedback

Feature Request: Add a "Convert to Milestone" action in the automation flow constructor

👉 By automating milestone creations, we could create a custom task type "Milestone", which gets converted to an actual "Wrike milestone" once created. The creator would only need to add a date afte...

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  2. Product Feedback

Feedback concerning Custom Item Types

Hi, I've been playing around extensively with the custom item types. They are a really nice addition to Wrike, but there are some issues at the moment that prevents an optimal use. I'll make a diff...


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