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This is the 3rd company I've worked for where I've implemented Wrike with 120+ Users, focused on cross-functional Product Development and Marketing projects.


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  3. Need Ability to map requestor name to custom field for External Request form

Yes please! 🙋 I was surprised the original request is from 2017 and hasn't been implemented yet - much needed!  

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  3. What's the equivalent of a Google Doc in Wrike? I need to share a simple, but continually updated document

Claudia Utley you could use Table View instead of List View and just hide all the other columns except for Task Name and Date.  Table View allows you to "flip" the sort order on the Date column by ...

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  3. Wrap Text in Table View

Agree with Gabe that it shouldn't expand all the rows regardless of amount of text.  We need the feature like Excel has where it auto-expands the one row to accommodate the text.  Even in "Full Vie...

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  3. Pin Request Form in New Experience

Yes please!  Exactly as Kerry-Ann stated.  My team has asked this a couple different ways: The ability to "Pin" a specific request form to their Home Page Please add Request Forms button to the Ho...

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  3. Request forms data export

We, also, are looking for the ability to export to Word or even just PDF the Request Form answers.  Mapping all answers to custom fields so that we can get an Excel export is clunky.  I do have som...

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  3. [From Wrike’s Product Team] Interviews: Table View and Gantt Chart 📉

Ilia Kreys  Our teams work in Table View and Gantt Chart view daily, in a similar manner to others based on the information we're viewing.  Table view is especially helpful for the excessive use of...

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  3. export task details to word

very similar to the request found here:  https://help.wrike.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/115002581245-Request-forms-data-exportWe, also, are looking for the ability to export to Word or even just P...

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  3. Campaign Request Form

We use the Checkmark boxes for deliverables and trigger a sub-project from blueprint for each deliverable.  Current limitation I'm solving for:  Request Form Answers only pull into the top-level p...

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  3. [Status: Backburner ⌛️] Request Forms - populate a custom field and title from one question

Our use case is a Date question in the request form that will map to the project End Date as well as a Custom Field set as a Date titled "Go Live Date"