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Wrike Admin/Owner Authorization

Hi all, I have a question and I can't find the answer to. As a Wrike admin, or even the owner, does he/she have access to see or search for all spaces, including all private spaces? Thanks.

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Document co-editing feature

Hi, Wrike has a native editing feature, however, it is only 1 person editing the document at a time. If this is a collaboration platform, it would be great to have similar function like Google Doc ...

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Bullet Point Support For Table View

Hello, We can use bullet point when writing description for a task or project, but we can't use bullet point inside a table. Sometimes we want to organize the content a bit better and use a table a...

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Improvement Ideas

Hi Wrike Team, After using Wrike for a bit, I want to make some suggestions and hope that this may be implemented in the future. Bullet point is not supported in a table We can use bullet point ...


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