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Project Manager using Wrike.


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Has anyone used external forms for job postings?

I want to begin to experiment with external forms at our shop, and thought i would use the external forms in Wrike to grab applicants info. I know here is a capthca there, but still a little wary o...

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Any one else notice that "reports" is not showing up on the homepage?

Did i miss this in the release notes somehow? Or is it an internal setting I can snap back on?

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How to begin planning a Top-Down Wrike Reorganization

A big topic, but we are planning on streamlining our Wrike setup. Our current setup has some bloat, and condensing and refining our tools in Wrike is a top priority for this quarter. My first task?...

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Slack Integration: "/wrikepreview" feature is not working

Hello! Using /wrikepreview in slack has been a great tool in the past. Was there a specific reasons it was removed?    Thanks!

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Share your workflows!

I wonder if this has been done before, but i'd love to see everyones workflows for inspiration!  Anyone care to share?


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