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Comment Box Covers Previous Comments When Writing a Reply

The Problem When writing a reply to a comment, the text box, where you write the reply, keeps getting bigger with each new line. Eventually, it'll cover all the previous comments, so it's impossibl...

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How do I stop Wrike Bot from auto assigning a task to myself?

I'm currently creating a project, and each task I create, Wrike Bot assigns it automatically to myself and adds a notification in my inbox. How can I stop this behavior? I tried removing myself as ...

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How to keep filter settings project/folder specific

The Situation In Project A, we need to see All Tasks In Project B, we need to see only Active Tasks   The problem When we set filters on Project A to see All Tasks, and then go to Project B, the fi...

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How to show project name (or tags) and dependency status next to the task's name on List, or any view

Hey there guys, We are testing Wrike to move our editorial team from Trello. The problem: Our writers can't tell which project their tasks belong to.  Let's say they're assigned 50 articles to writ...


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