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  • Attach link to Google Drive files

    I guess I misunderstood the way attaching files from Google Drive works. I assumed that when you select "from Google Drive" and then choose a file, Wrike created a link to that file on the shared d...

  • Link directly to Wrike webinars and videos

    I'm not seeing a way to link someone directly to a particular webinar or training video. I'd like to be able to add links to particular videos, like Wrike for Collaborators, to our Knowledge Base.

  • Show folder color on List View

    Just a little UI improvement suggestion: When a color is assigned to a folder, make the folder icon that color on List View.  Also, perhaps highlight the Project title in its assigned color at the...

  • Adding dependencies re-schedules things

    When I connect two tasks with dependencies on the Gantt chart, the chart apparently doesn't want to let me have a delay between the tasks. If there is space between the end of the first task and th...

  • Order of subtasks on the Gantt chart

    Bu default, subtasks seem to appear in a completely random top-to-bottom order on the Gantt chart. Am I doing something wrong? It's annoying to have to drag and re-order them every time, so earlier...

  • Front integration

    Has anyone developed an integration for Front? I'd love to steal someone else's ideas for how to do this effectively!

  • "Today" vs. "This Week" in My Work

    I'm confused about why some tasks are in This Week rather than Today. Here's what the help article about My Work says: Today: shows tasks whose scheduled start or due date is today, backlogged tas...

  • Reordering folders in List View

    How can I re-order folders in List View? When I try to drag and drop, I can drop one folder into another folder, but I cannot drop a folder between two other folders to change their order. Note tha...