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Digital Asset Manager at Google, helping role out Wrike to the Hardware Marketing org. Working with Wrike has been great for the team, and it's going to be even better once we have our worldwide teams start collaborating in the tool more in 2021. Outside of work, I love being active by surfing, skateboarding, or back country snowboarding. And I love hanging with my wife, 2yo daughter, and 5yo shepherd.


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Feature Request: Designate the "type" of comments a reviewer may add to an attachment in review

In the proofing tool, it would be great to be able to add someone as a reviewer, and at the same time designate the type of comments they could add. Once a file was in revision, they could see betw...

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  2. Product Feedback

Feature Request: Export video comments

Feature Request: we'd like to export the comments made on videos within the proofing tool. Ideally, this could be something we could deliver to an editor to make changes. Options that would be help...