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  • Kanban Board View - Card Alerts

    Hi – It would be nice if I could see a notification on a card, when in the Board view. Right now, it’s turning out to be a pain – I need to keep going to the Inbox for every little notification.   ...

  • Importing Excel Files

    When importing a Microsoft Excel file into Wrike, I complete Step 1. I click ‘Next’ and it will throw me just one error. If there are multiple errors, I see them one at a time. I need to correct th...

  • Wrike ToDo Extension

    It's 10:59 PM. The extension displays: Good night, Roosevelt! And the following line displays: what are you going to do today. Can I suggest it display - What are you going to achieve tomorrow? 😀

  • Slack Channel

    It would be awesome if the Wrike Community started a Slack Channel for their Members. Other organisations like SparkPost do it, the community can chat with their engineers and other developers usin...

  • Updating Description - Lag Time

    When updating a description of a task, does anyone see a lag or noticing Wrike - the desktop application slowing down?

  • Integration - ThoughtSpot

    Hey! Just wanted to see if ThoughtSpot was on the radar for integrating with Wrike? For more information on ThoughtSpot, please see here: https://www.thoughtspot.com/. Thanks - Roosevelt

  • Indicating Attachments

    When a user uploads a document against a task, it would be nice to indicate or display an icon before the task name. This way, as a user – I do not need to look for the document and right-click to ...