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HI, I'm a Production Team Lead, working in Educational Publishing, and based in Melbourne, Australia.


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Project Status automation

Hi there within the Automation Engine, it would be great if there was a out-of-the-box trigger available to auto-change a project status to 'In progress', if any task within the project also has it...

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Snapshot reports

Hi, Is there a way for snapshot reports to format dates as DD/MM/YYYY, rather than MM/DD/YYYY? This would be more intuitive for customers in certain regions thanks

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Refining Blueprints

Does anyone have any tips, when mapping a pre-existing process to a Blueprint, to ensure the Blueprint is lean and to avoid over-tasking?

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Feature request

Hi Wrike Community, I'd love to see something displayed visually on a task, just an icon or something, to quickly identify that there is a checklist held within the description and perhaps how many...

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Deployment Tips and Pitfalls

Hi Wrike Community! I'm deep in the deployment process for an Educational Publishing company with 70+ users Wondering if anyone had tips, or pitfalls to be wary of, when deploying/releasing Wrike? ...


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