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Screenshots in mails added to Wrike are not added in their original position

Hello everyone, when adding a mail to a Wrike task via the Outllok-Add-In all screenshots that are in the e-mail (between text passages) and all attachments get lost. I have found several posts con...

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Sum up effort (allocated hours) only for current week

Hello everyone, I am currently looking for a solution to sum up the effort (the allocated hours) in a report only for the current week. When creating a report with all active tasks due in the curre...

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Filter for excluding tasks

Hello everyone, We are currently looking for a possibility to exclude tasks that are in a specific subfolder with a filter. Is there any possibility of doing this at the moment? We currently have f...

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Link zur Arbeitsauslastung in Aufgaben fehlt

Hallo zusammen,   bisher konnte man in einer Wrike-Aufgabe durch Aktivieren des Aufwands über einen Link die Arbeitsauslastung öffnen, aber seit kurzem ist dieser Link verschwunden. Weiß jemand, ob...


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