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"Benevolent dictator" for Euromonitor's global MarComm team workspace. I enjoy process a bit too much, build templates with glee, and try to break Wrike as often as possible.


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Enable Ability to Reschedule Subtasks Added to Request Forms

I recently read the post announcing that we can add subtasks and subprojects to request forms. However, when adding a subtask, you don't have the option to adjust the task due date. It would be gre...

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Text Formatting Bug in Task Descriptions

Hi all, I'm encountering a bug when copying / pasting into task descriptions. If I copy formatted text (especially bullets / hierarchy), I can paste into the task description just fine, but if I ad...

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Group @mentions by User Status

Hi all, We have a large number of collaborators in Wrike, and sometimes it gets messy when @mentioning with such a large list. It would be amazing to show users grouped by their status, similar to ...

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Profile Calendars - Reassign Tasks vs. Adjust Due Date

Hi all, I'm looking for an option that keeps a project on track while its members are out of the office. A user's Profile Calendar (not project calendar) lets them enter their days off, but it look...

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[Status: Backburner ⌛️] Duplicating Projects - Reschedule by Milestone

Oh hi, It would be amazing to have the ability to reschedule a project by a milestone date (in addition to first task start date or last task end date). For example, many of our projects are conten...

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Task Name Prefix Inconsistency - Duplicating Projects

Oh hi, I'm back with more feedback. I've encountered a weird inconsistency in how the task name prefix displays, depending on how the project is created. When a project is created from a request fo...

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Workflow Requests re Custom, Fixed / Flexible, and Auto-Assign Rules

Please see my feedback and suggestions for Workflow options and usability. FIXED / FLEXIBLE WORKFLOWSIt would be helpful to remove (or alter) the task status checkbox when using a fixed custom work...

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Share Quoted Comments to Other Discussions

Hi all, Is it possible to paste a quoted comment into another task or project? At the moment, it looks like you can only paste into the same discussion that the quote originally came from. This ...


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