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"Benevolent dictator" for Euromonitor's global MarComm team workspace. I enjoy process a bit too much, build templates with glee, and try to break Wrike as often as possible.


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  3. Mass Delete Folders/Projects

This would be a great feature not only for deleting, but for mass-selecting folders or projects (as you can with tasks). We have a number of tagging systems set up, and it would be great to be able...

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  3. Hide custom field from list view

Hi Meshelle, Check your folder structure - the custom field might be showing in a folder above the project. If you haven't already, check out this article about custom fields: https://help.wrike.co...

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  3. [Released in Wrike Labs] Events/Sales/Promotions (Marketing Calendar)

Hi Jennifer, My team would also love to see a calendar function! At the moment, we have a ghetto calendar view built using folders in our workspace. We made a "calendar overview" folder with separa...

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  3. Project Templates

Hi Kayla, Once you assign the tasks and subtasks in your template, you can put all tasks on hold (or similiar non-active workflow status). When you dupe the template, the new project tasks will be ...