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"Benevolent dictator" for Euromonitor's global MarComm team workspace. I enjoy process a bit too much, build templates with glee, and try to break Wrike as often as possible.


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  3. [Weekly Conversations] How Do You Spend Your Work Breaks? 💭

I'm full-time remote, so the most important thing is I get out of my office. Lately, I've been taking a break with easy-watching shows (currently Bob's Burgers) or educational YouTube videos (curre...

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  3. Custom Dashboards

We're currently reevaluating our dashboards for leadership, but we break out our projects by product featured, as well as breakdowns in each region, to offer more context than just upcoming launch ...

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  3. [Community Member Spotlight] Anna Wallace 👋

Hi Anna Wallace , you've got some cool tips here - we also use request forms for cloning everything, but I love the idea of tying project folders to a campaign or content calendar. Thanks for shari...

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  3. [Use Case Marathon] Week 6 - Editorial Calendars for Content Operations 📅

I currently have a similar setup to Jordan Crisman - but will definitely keep an eye on this space.

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  3. Wrike Adoption & Onboarding

Ditto on pretty much all of Sven Passinger 's points above. The only thing I would add is that we also present regular Wrike refresh trainings, to go over basics like email settings, workflows, and...

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  3. [From Wrike] What's New In Wrike - August 2021

Super excited about the actionable meetings integration - Elaine , are there plans to enable similar features for MS Teams? FYI Rand El-Samman

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  3. [Interviews] Wrike's Configurability ⚙️

Thanks for this, Anna Lopatuhina - I've booked an appointment too.

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  3. [Competition] Community Ice-Breaker Challenge - Week 1️⃣

Hi all, 1. 🌎 I'm in Chicago. Fun Fact: No two Chicagoans can agree on the best Chicago pizza, but all Chicagoans agree that Chicago has the best pizza. 2. 📚 My favorite book is Ray Bradbury's From ...

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  3. Company news

Agree with Carly Vavra - this wouldn't be feasible for company news, but it's a good idea to share team updates and reinforce the habit of checking Wrike. I also like the idea of readers checking t...

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  3. Automate Project Initiation with Wrike Request Forms!

George Fiveash Very interesting idea to include subtasks as add-ons in your form. How do you manage rescheduling their due dates within the form? We currently use one form to clone the project and ...


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