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  • One click "like button" for comments

    Often, all I need to do is acknowledge that I've read a comment by giving it a quick thumbs up. Currently you can give an emoji reaction or thumbs up to a comment, but you have to click the emoji b...

  • Is Guest Reviews out of Labs?

    Is this feature officially released, or is it still in beta? help.wrike.com/hc/en-us/articles/360009639733-Guest-Reviews?flash_digest=6335b04e203b2da93b74ee4a706d209fed90bc8c&mkt_tok=eyJpIjoiWXpNME...

  • Desktop notifications vs. Inbox Notifications

    I get desktop notifications whenever a task I subscribe to is updated, but the notification only appears for a few seconds, and then disappears. Since this type of notification doesn't appear in my...

  • Speed issues loading videos attached from youtube in approvals/proofing view

    My team has experienced significant delays in loading videos in the proofing and approvals view, especially when they are attached from youtube. Any chance of speed improvements in the future?

  • Tracking stakeholders

    We're having trouble coming up with a good way for everyone to track tasks, based on their different roles. We'd like to be able to differentiate between: - tasks that I'm actively working on - tas...

  • Comment filters for dashboards to help catch "lost" tasks

    It would be really helpful to have a few comment filters that we could use in dashboard widgets to capture tasks that have fallen off of peoples' plates: - Comments that haven't been responded to i...

  • Option to add a "task name suffix" option when duplicating a template project

    We have been using the task prefix option when duplicating our templates, but it makes task and project names extremely long, and because the prefix is at the beginning, it's often difficult to see...

  • Comments sometimes not posting correctly in iPad app

    We have a user who is sometimes experiencing issues posting comments on the ipad app. For instance, last night he posted a comment (with tags) to a task on ipad, and although he could see it, other...

  • Better way to find stale tasks

    My team and I are looking for better ways to find stale tasks. Currently we have a dashboard widget that lets us see anything that's due in the next 7 days, and where the "last modified date" is la...

  • [Duplicate] Better granularity for Due Date in Dashboard Widgets

    Note from Wrike Team: Check out Add Future Timeframes in Dashboard filters to vote for the original request.   Currently the only due date filters you can use for forecasting what's coming up are "...