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  1. Comunidad
  2. Product Feedback
  3. [Status: Not planned] Ability to merge tasks

This would be a very helpful option.  I frequently use email to create tasks.  Sometimes something goes wrong and I end up with a second task instead of additional information for a main task.  Bei...

  1. Comunidad
  2. Product Feedback
  3. Re-Name "MY TEAM" group as "ALL USERS" group

I agree with this completely.  Every time we bring on a new user, they get confused and share their stuff with "my team" instead of the group they belong to.     Please Implement this update soon!

  1. Comunidad
  2. Product Feedback
  3. Customizable Task/Request Printing

I support this request.  I would like to be able to customize the fields displayed on the print out.  For example, the current print out displays "status" / Title on the first line and "by x for x"...


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