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  3. [Status: Launched 🚀] Add subtasks to the Board View

@David Feinzeig, great question!

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  3. [Status: Not planned] Hide comments in project shared with collaborators

Hi. Agree, for us this is a showstopper of inviting our external clients to work together w/ us in Wrike. Especially since the timelog entries are shown as an update. Not a major problem if you wor...

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  3. Measure the flow/Workflow? KPI

Hi Wrikers. Great thoughts! Appreciate the input on the workflow report, it will give us useful input to our retro regarding our process. However, if I would like to measure on a more detailed leve...

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  3. Amount of time in each phase

Great insight, this helps. However, if I could get the time in each phase of the flow I could really slice and dice the numbers and find out where the bottle necks of the flow is.

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  3. Task Based Reports - Parent Folder vs Parent Project Grouping

I agree, I have a similar challenge. I have a structure as : Customer Projects(Folder)/%Company%(Folder)/%Project%(Project)/%task%. To be able to extract all timelogs and figure out to which client...


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